Current Project Management Software Comparison

The quest for a good PM software can quickly get out of hand. Luckily, software comparisons can help you to retain orientation. Currently,, the number one specialist portal for project management topics has evaluated PM software (in cooperation with Le Bihan). In a current project management software comparison by, PLANTA project has made a very good second rank with 92 % in range of functions and 92 % in software quality.
PLANTA has frequently taken a leading rank in software comparisons in the course of the BARC study and in the PPM practice tests of CSP AG.

Of approx. 60 PM software suppliers which are listed on, 30 PM systems were systematically evaluated and verified in the course of the assessment. In this software assessment, the software manufacturers present their software tools based on an evaluation system which is divided into the following phases with their own respective catalog of requirements:

– General features
– Initiation of projects
– Planning of projects
– Implementation of projects
– Conclusion of projects
– Program and portfolio management

A specialty of the evaluation procedure of this assessment is that quality is taken into account independent of the range of functions. Hence, there is always one value which represents the range of functions and one value which appreciates the software quality.

BARC PM software study

In the 9th „Software-Systeme für Projektmanagement“ market overview by Mey Mark Meyer, 23 of the leading multi-project management software solutions are analized with PLANTA on the basis of 300 individual criteria. PLANTA is evaluated, a.o., as follows:

„What’s particularly strong, is the combination of a well-developed date and resource planning with flexible modules. This is how you build up a multi-project information system. The software is not only suitable for the planning and controlling of complex projects, e.g. in plant construction, but it can also be used to, e.g., prepare projects and process project applications systematically as well as to evaluate the impact of new projects on the project portfolio.” For further details on this, see BARC.

PPM Praxistest by CSP AG

This test, which evaluates PM software in practice, is carried out every three years on the basis of a key subject. In 2016, PLANTA took a leading rank in all of the three thematic fields: Management cockpit, PPM cockpit, Project cockpit. In 12 of 15 areas of evaluation, PLANTA made the 1st place in a comparison of 10 PPM tools which are currently on the market – including CA PPM, MS Project, and Projektron BCS.

The central topic of this practice test is of particular importance for management and persons responsible for projects who want to systematically plan and control the project portfolio of their company with a PPM tool. PLANTA Portfolio provides a quick overview of the status of the existing portfolios and helps you to invest in the “right” projects which are expected to comply best with the company strategy. 

In the Standard version of the tool criterion, the sector independent project management and project portfolio management software PLANTA project and PLANTA portfolio received the best rating as well. The system offers the customer “rapid operational readiness” and an additional option to make individual adjustments” and to flexibly map own processes in the system.
PLANTA received particularly high ratings (more than 90%) in the PPM Praxistest in the fields of prioritization, portfolio by criteria, status survey. In portfolio by status, project progression and project risks PLANTA could gain an edge of 10% compared to the other project portfolio management tools.
The report on the PPM Raxistest 2016 by CSP AG can be ordered directly on the CSP website.

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