Cur­rent Pro­ject Manage­ment Soft­ware Comparison

The quest for a good PM soft­ware can quick­ly get out of hand. Luck­i­ly, soft­ware com­pa­ri­sons can help you to retain ori­en­ta­ti­on. Cur­r­ent­ly,, the num­ber one spe­cia­list por­tal for pro­ject manage­ment topics has eva­lua­ted PM soft­ware (in coope­ra­ti­on with Le Bihan). In a cur­rent pro­ject manage­ment soft­ware com­pa­ri­son by, PLANTA pro­ject has made a very good second rank with 92 % in ran­ge of func­tions and 92 % in soft­ware qua­li­ty.
PLANTA has fre­quent­ly taken a lea­ding rank in soft­ware com­pa­ri­sons in the cour­se of the BARC stu­dy and in the PPM prac­ti­ce tests of CSP AG.

Of approx. 60 PM soft­ware sup­pliers which are lis­ted on, 30 PM sys­tems were sys­te­ma­ti­cal­ly eva­lua­ted and veri­fied in the cour­se of the assess­ment. In this soft­ware assess­ment, the soft­ware manu­fac­tu­rers pre­sent their soft­ware tools based on an eva­lua­ti­on sys­tem which is divi­ded into the fol­lowing pha­ses with their own respec­ti­ve cata­log of requi­re­ments:

- Gene­ral fea­tures
- Initia­ti­on of pro­jects
- Plan­ning of pro­jects
- Imple­men­ta­ti­on of pro­jects
- Con­clu­si­on of pro­jects
- Pro­gram and port­fo­lio management

A spe­cial­ty of the eva­lua­ti­on pro­ce­du­re of this assess­ment is that qua­li­ty is taken into account inde­pen­dent of the ran­ge of func­tions. Hence, the­re is always one value which repres­ents the ran­ge of func­tions and one value which appre­cia­tes the soft­ware quality.

BARC PM soft­ware study

In the 9th „Soft­ware-Sys­te­me für Pro­jekt­ma­nage­ment“ mar­ket over­view by Mey Mark Mey­er, 23 of the lea­ding mul­ti-pro­ject manage­ment soft­ware solu­ti­ons are ana­li­zed with PLANTA on the basis of 300 indi­vi­du­al cri­te­ria. PLANTA is eva­lua­ted, a.o., as follows:

„What’s par­ti­cu­lar­ly strong, is the com­bi­na­ti­on of a well-deve­lo­ped date and resour­ce plan­ning with fle­xi­ble modu­les. This is how you build up a mul­ti-pro­ject infor­ma­ti­on sys­tem. The soft­ware is not only sui­ta­ble for the plan­ning and con­trol­ling of com­plex pro­jects, e.g. in plant con­struc­tion, but it can also be used to, e.g., pre­pa­re pro­jects and pro­cess pro­ject app­li­ca­ti­ons sys­te­ma­ti­cal­ly as well as to eva­lua­te the impact of new pro­jects on the pro­ject port­fo­lio.” For fur­ther details on this, see BARC.

PPM Pra­xis­test by CSP AG

This test, which eva­lua­tes PM soft­ware in prac­ti­ce, is car­ri­ed out every three years on the basis of a key sub­ject. In 2016, PLANTA took a lea­ding rank in all of the three the­ma­tic fiel­ds: Manage­ment cock­pit, PPM cock­pit, Pro­ject cock­pit. In 12 of 15 are­as of eva­lua­ti­on, PLANTA made the 1st place in a com­pa­ri­son of 10 PPM tools which are cur­r­ent­ly on the mar­ket — inclu­ding CA PPM, MS Pro­ject, and Pro­jekt­ron BCS.

The cen­tral topic of this prac­ti­ce test is of par­ti­cu­lar impor­t­ance for manage­ment and per­sons respon­si­ble for pro­jects who want to sys­te­ma­ti­cal­ly plan and con­trol the pro­ject port­fo­lio of their com­pa­ny with a PPM tool. PLANTA Port­fo­lio pro­vi­des a quick over­view of the sta­tus of the exis­ting port­fo­li­os and hel­ps you to invest in the “right” pro­jects which are expec­ted to com­ply best with the com­pa­ny strategy. 

In the Stan­dard ver­si­on of the tool cri­ter­ion, the sec­tor inde­pen­dent pro­ject manage­ment and pro­ject port­fo­lio manage­ment soft­ware PLANTA pro­ject and PLANTA port­fo­lio recei­ved the best rating as well. The sys­tem offers the cus­to­mer “rapid ope­ra­tio­nal rea­di­ness” and an addi­tio­nal opti­on to make indi­vi­du­al adjus­t­ments” and to fle­xi­b­ly map own pro­ces­ses in the sys­tem.
PLANTA recei­ved par­ti­cu­lar­ly high ratings (more than 90%) in the PPM Pra­xis­test in the fiel­ds of prio­ri­tiz­a­ti­on, port­fo­lio by cri­te­ria, sta­tus sur­vey. In port­fo­lio by sta­tus, pro­ject pro­gres­si­on and pro­ject risks PLANTA could gain an edge of 10% com­pa­red to the other pro­ject port­fo­lio manage­ment tools.
The report on the PPM Raxis­test 2016 by CSP AG can be orde­red direct­ly on the CSP web­site.

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