PLANTA Hybrid –
the way into future

Transparency and dynamics in team work plus agile project planning

The new PLANTA project management suite:

Software for agile, classical, and hybrid project management: PLANTA offers software products which assist you in the strategic and operative management of your company projects. Data can either remain under the customer’s own care (on premise) or can be administered flexibly as a SaaS solution. With its on premise solution, PLANTA has always offered a high degree of protection for customer data as well as additional security standards for particularly high data protection requirements in the form of the PLANTA secure add-on.

PLANTA project

Classical multi-project management

PLANTA portfolio

Systematic and strategy oriented planning & control

PLANTA pulse

Collaboration tool for team work and agile planning

Key features and plug-ins


“We are now able to develop new products with greater
cost efficiency.”


Dr. Torsten Eckardt, Hermes Arzneimittel GmbH


“The implementation of the defined project approval process was a genuine milestone.”


Matthias Möst, Yamaichi Electronics GmbH


“We can finally plan projects professionally and resiliently from start to finish and can constantly evaluate and prioritize them.”

Wolfgang Bär, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Baden-Württemberg

2nd place for PLANTA in the new software comparison with 92% in range of functions and 92% in software quality