New Corporate Design and Optimized Usability

Thanks to a new surface, the new versions of the PLANTA project, PLANTA portfolio, and PLANTA pulse project management software come with substantial improvements, especially with respect to the usability of the program.

PLANTA presents a new modern corporate design. The new appearance not only provides software, print, and website with a fresh new look, but it is also supposed to generate a better user experience for PLANTA users. The new experience-oriented design makes it easier for users to use PLANTA’s strong functionality. This will further intensify the close relationship between PLANTA and its customers – in addition to the accustomed excellent service and interesting events. Last but not least, this will also help PLANTA to strengthen it’s strong market position.

The new slogan „PLANTA – the project professionals“ puts emphasis on the decade-long experience as a manufacturer of reliable and proven project management software and its committed effort for the success of the projects of its customers.

The new software versions include the following functional highlights:


You can now access favorites and recently viewed projects directly from the user menu.

The new design gives the system a neat and modern design which helps users to complete their todo items easier and faster than ever before.

PLANTA project

The new hour check provides a clear overview of the hours reported on the current project.

Time recording and other functions have been extended and designed more user friendly.

Individual status reports can now be exported to PowerPoint.

In complex schedules, e.g. in large programs, dependencies of individual todo items can be identified more easily.

PLANTA portfolio

The options within the portfolio simulation have been strongly extended and improved. It is now possible to

• simulate available capacity and effort
• simulate the project runtime
• compare two simulations.

PLANTA customizer

A new update procedure has been implemented to automate previously necessary manual work steps. This allows for a substantial reduction of effort, runtime, and error rates.

Via new functions in the Customizer, this application can easily be adjusted to the corporate design of the customer.

PLANTA pulse

The functionality of PLANTA pulse has been greatly extended. The extensions primarily concern the addressability of data, the structuring of projects and boards, and the compilation of project teams with different authorizations. The new page menu provides more work space, greater clarity, and direct access to the most important functions.

Via the new search function, all stored information can be searched. Results can be filtered via further search options.

A note function for the fast creation of todo items directly in the system has been implemented.

Shortcuts which are intergrated In PLANTA pulse allow fast navigation in the system.

Another novelty is the option to receive notifications on recent changes to cards directly in the system.

The options for configuration of projects within PLANTA pulse has been greatly extended. Amongst other things, project teams with different authorizations can now be put together.

In the My Projects view, projects can be administered. Each project has its own start page. In the personal Dashboard, each employee can store his/her own individual filters to directly access his/her todo items. There are also alternative views on the todo items in the system.

The documentation of PLANTA pulse has been linked in the user menu.

Details on the current releases can be found in the Release Notes in PLANTA Wiki. The new versions can be downloaded in the customer area of the website .

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