Investment security due to integrability and adaptability

PLANTA Add-Ons: stay flexible and maintain investment security at the same time

  • Adaptability of the system for roles and rights, workflows, forms, and reports
  • Configurable interfaces
  • Integration in the PM landscape, whether classical or agile


PLANTA customizer


Optimal connection to MS Project

PLANTA Project is an high performance database-oriented project management system. However, it can also be used in combination with MS Project, e.g. for contractors, suppliers, or in other departments: With PLANTA MSP link, both systems can be intergated.

Your advantages
  • Integration and use of existing project management software and the integration of MS Project in a multi-project environment
  • Allows project managers to further use the tool they are familiar with
  • Company-wide planning of dates, resources, and costs, even where different project management systems are used
  • Simple consolidation of project information via different platforms and status reports “at the push of a button”

PLANTA customizer

Flexible adjustment to your requirements

With the PLANTA customizer you can quickly and flexibly make adjustments to company specific requirements and processes – also by the customer him/herself. This ensures that customer specific adjustments are maintained when updating to later software releases.

Module Customizing

Module customizing means the creation of new processing and analysis modules or the modification of existing ones.

  • Adjusting the user menu by user roles
  • Edit layout, data fields, and data areas
  • Configure masks and reports
  • Creation of new modules
  • To create macros
  • Numerous design elements
  • Customizing in a graphical development environment, therefore no programming skills are required
  • Can be carried out by PLANTA or by the user
System Customizing

System customizing allows system-wide changes to be made in PPMS with regard to logic, data model, and user interface. Usually PLANTA or a system expert at the customer’s site carries out the system customizing.

  • Adjustment of the user surface (color, menu items, symbols, number formats, etc.)
  • Adjustment of the data model by editing the Data Dictionary (define text type and text format, mark as OLE objects, define visualizations in scales, etc.)
  • Creation of check and calculation formulas for data fields
  • Adjustment of IDs
  • Object protection (information on creation and last changes of records)
Python Integration

To enable more facile adaptability and even more flexibility of the software, PLANTA has integrated the open source programming language Python in the PLANTA customizer.

PLANTA secure

For a maximum of security

Your advantages when using PLANTA secure:

  • Maximum security
  • User comfort
  • Complete protection of the PLANTA environment in the internal network
  • Can be included in existing security concepts
  • Two-factor authentication
    PLANTA has always provided a high level of security for customer data with its on-premise solution of PLANTA Project. Customers with high data protection requirements also ask for additional security standards – finding the answer in PLANTA Secure.

PLANTA secure illustrates the current security standard: the two-factor authentication (2FA), which is recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security.

2FA is an identity proof that has to be provided by the user of a system in order to be able to start the system. The user identifies himself with a combination of two independent factors – something he/she owns and something he/she knows. This is a common principle of ATM machines: when you want to withdraw money, you need to have a bank card and the corresponding PIN.

Applying this approach to software use, instead of PIN and bank card a password and as second factor a hardware part such as a token or a chip card is used in order to be able to log onto the system.

PLANTA secure can be included in existing security concepts. This means that customers can continue to use the authentication method, which is already being used in their company. A token-less authentication using a passcode sent via SMS onto the user’s mobile phone is also possible.

Reverse Proxy: Safe Connection and Access Protection

As an additional security element, PLANTA has implemented a reverse proxy connection. External as well as internal requests are dealt with by the reverse proxy, forwarding them to the application server within the internal network. As there is only a connection between the requesting system and the proxy, the internal network need not to be known. The reverse proxy connection provides a very secure connection via SSL certificate from the client through the firewall to the server and avoids accesses to the server from the outside.

Single Sign-On

The user authentification can be carried out for several servers via reverse proxy. Thanks to single sign-on, the user only needs to log-on once in order to use the services of several servers.