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PLANTA pulse

Web-based collaboration and pm tool: flexible, intuitive, fast.

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Agile project management and intuitive todo item administration

PLANTA pulse is the collaboration tool which facilitates cooperation in the entire company – both within the project teams as well as between different departments. Todo items can be administered flexibly and projects can be planned agilely.

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Fast access

Thanks to intuitive Kanban boards, todo items can be created quickly and team members can be invited. The handling of todo items in the board is quite simple: cards can be moved within the board with a simple mouse-click, changed assignments or completed todo items can therefore easily be placed at the right position in the board. Completed cards can be archived and restored if necessary.

Good communication also in spaced teams

In PLANTA pulse, all information, file attachments, and checklists are directly visible on the todo item. This facilitates communication and makes most e-mails redundant. Since external persons can also be invited to boards – with read and comment function only, if necessary – communication with external project members can be streamlined as well.

Board overview

In the Board overview, all boards are displayed in miniature format and sorted by categories. Via the activity bar of all boards, the user is informed about newly assigned members, new cards and new comments on boards.

Use Cases

Team Meetings

With PLANTA pulse you create a digital protocol for your team meetings –  thus you always have everything in view.

  • Collect and weight topics in advance:
    This allows all participants to spread optimally.
  • Easy, dynamic logging during the meeting::
    Manage participant lists, add new cards, attach documents, assign employees
  • Keep track of everything after the meeting:
    Easily manage completed, current and future tasks thanks to various structuring options, color assignments and task assignment
PLANTA pulse Use Case Team-Meetings

IT Tickets

PLANTA pulse facilitates communication throughout the company – both within and between departments.

For quick and reliable handling of customer inquiries, PLANTA pulse can also be used to manage hotline tickets.

  • A central collection point for all IT tickets:
    Directly contact the right person, no more duplicate inquiries, easy tracking of progress

  • With fewer detours to the destination:
    Sort new cards directly, weight them and assign them to the responsible employees

  • One after the other:
    Relieving the IT department by better organizing ongoing tasks thanks to the WIP limit and prioritization

PLANTA pulse Use case IT Tickets

Further use case =>Sprint planning with PLANTA Hybrid

In the hybrid planning method, elements from both approaches – classical project management and agile project management – are used in combination.

Use case: Development of a new website using PLANTA project and PLANTA pulse

This way for the hybrid use case

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0.00 €

monthly/per user

  • Up to 5 users can use PLANTA pulse
  • File attachments max. 10MB each
  • Support per Wiki + E-Mail
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6.99 €

monthly/per user

Full access to PLANTA pulse
  • 6-99 user*
  • File attachments up to a max. of 250 MB
  • Remote support
  • Single sign on for high security
  • Authorizations on team level
  • Adjustable board visibility

*From a number of 100 user* Enterprise conditions
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You can also use PLANTA pulse & PLANTA project as PLANTA hybrid. In doing so, you combine the advantages of both PM worlds – classical and agile – in a single, integrated system.
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Advantages of PLANTA pulse

This is how employees want to work today!

PLANTA pulse Free
for small agile teams
my todo items, my team, change requests issued by my customer
create board, write todo item on a card, invite team no excessive functionality, only use what you require
no problem: smooth upgrade to premium, no duplicated data recording
PLANTA pulse Premium
for small and large agile teams

  • in medium-sized and large companies
  • nationally or internationally spread or in different departments at the same site
  • this is how you bring those people together who work together
all team todo items, scattered colleagues, changes to running projects, lessons learned
quickly integrate new employees: create board, write todo item on a card, invite team
we offer enterprise conditions: contact us
… synchronized use as a hybrid: linkage to PLANTA project with all advantages of the classical PM method