Soft­ware Suite for Com­pa­ny-Wide Pro­ject Management

From Stra­tegy to Detail­ed Tasks

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From task manage­ment through to your star­te­gic pro­ject port­fo­lio: a sui­ta­ble ran­ge of func­tions for every plan­ning horizon

PLANTA pro­vi­des sui­ta­ble soft­ware pro­ducts which assist you in the manage­ment of your com­pa­ny pro­jects. With regard to data main­ten­an­ce and licen­se model, PLANTA also lea­ves you free to choo­se bet­ween dif­fe­rent opti­ons accor­ding to your com­pa­ny situation.

Soft­ware as a Ser­vice (SaaS)

You can use the PLANTA Soft­ware Suite as SaaS sys­tem. In that case, PLANTA takes care of the sys­tem hos­ting and its administration.


If you deci­de to keep the data on your own ser­vers, you can use the On-Pre­mi­ses model.

For par­ti­cu­lar­ly high data secu­ri­ty requi­re­ments we offer the PLANTA secu­re add-on which pro­vi­des addi­tio­nal secu­ri­ty standards. 

Plan your pro­jects in a pro­cess-ori­en­ted way and bene­fit from the stan­dard pro­cess models included in the scope of sup­p­ly of the soft­ware or adapt the work­flows to your com­pa­ny-spe­ci­fi­ic processes.

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Over­view of the PLANTA Software

PLANTA pro­ject

Tra­di­tio­nal mul­ti-pro­ject management

PLANTA port­fo­lio

Stra­te­gic pro­ject port­fo­lio management

PLANTA pul­se

Agi­le pro­ject manage­ment and col­la­bo­ra­ti­on tool

Hybrid sys­tem

Tra­di­tio­nal and agi­le pro­ject manage­ment combined

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