PLANTA project

Perfect assistance in all project phases: initiating, planning, implementing, finishing

Multi-Project Management software to keep your projects under control

You want to keep a perfect overview of dates, resources and costs of your projects?

You want to get the most out of your project teams and want the project progress to be visible at any time?

PLANTA project lets you plan and control your projects systematically from project application to the archived project. You can immediately identify free capacities in the resource utilization, so that you can make quick decisions on projects. In the case of changes and upcoming bottlenecks you can take counter measures in good time. Thanks to the elaborated controlling options you are always up to date with regard to the current project status and possible deviations.

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Plan projects and project applications systematically and establish your own project standard in the Company

Individual project management with project templates, adjustable process model, company specific workflows provide your projects with the required structure

Todo item management, process planning, date scheduling help you in planning

Cost planning, risk management, financial figures help you to decide for a project

Operative resource management allows you to immediately identify free capacities and bottlenecks.

Resource planning, resource assignment without overload, transparent resource utilization throughout all projects, skill management

Identifying and reacting to bottlenecks, resource simulation, change management

Performance and cost recording, milestone control

multi-project management with planta project
Always current project data for project controlling and management

Multi-project management, resource management of all company resources, cost management on each level of the project structure, conflict management

Identify project progress and deviations, create forecasts of remaining effort, make planned-actual comparisons

Meaningful reports at the click of a button, status reports and trend analyses on the basis of integrated time recording

Reliable monitoring and the option to set up an own multi-project information system with the help of which you always have an eye on dates, resources, and costs of all company projects so that you can quickly react to deviations

You can also use PLANTA pulse & PLANTA project as PLANTA Hybrid. This enables you to benefit from the advantages of both PM worlds – agile and classical PM.
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Roles in PLANTA project

The project management process involves employees who have different tasks, areas of responsibility and competences. Predefined adjustable roles purposefully support the employees involved in the project in their work.

Multi-project manager / program manager

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Project manager

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Project team member

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Management / ­stakeholder

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Multi-project manager

The core function of the multi-project manager is to coordinate all individual projects in terms of the best possible way to achieve the strategic corporate objectives. Multi-project managers analyze the interactions of projects to identify cross-project resource conflicts and to apply appropriate optimization measures.

Plan and prioritize project applications systematically

Project templates and company specific workflows facilitate the planning of projects. Each project idea in the company is created in line with a clear project Standard.

Clear budget specifications

Todo item management and scheduling with preset effort and cost budgets set the general framework for a successful project. Budgets, costs, and revenues are visualized transparently with possible deviations.

multi-project management budgets
Identify risks and opportunities

Financial figures and possible project risks and opportunities in multi-project and individual project management help you to decide for a project idea. Damage and gross profit values of the projects are visualized with probability of occurrence and damage extent to be expected in a clear traffic light design.

multi-project management risk and opportunities
Plan resources

The resource requirement process facilitates rough planning with generic resources like teams/departments. You can also include machines, devices, testing rooms, external resources, costs, or skill resources in your planning.

PLANTA Project shows the resource utilization across all projects, proposals, and project ideas in a clearly organized manner and indicates resource conflicts immediately. This makes it easier to take counter measures in time, even if changes are made to the running project.

Project Progress at a Glance

Meaningful reports like status reports and trend analyses can be created on the basis of the integrated time reporting. The persons responsible for the project can thus always have an eye on the project progress and deviations from the plan. The project manager can transmit forecasts on changes in remaining effort for each project.
In the info board, the summarized information on individual projects is visualized in a clearly organized manner. costs, effort, risks and opportunities as well as earned value and milestone trend data.

Program manager

In a program, several projects can be bundled. The program manager coordinates and manages the projects of a program to achieve the strategic goals and requirements of the program.

The program manager’s Tasks:

  • Define the program
  • Assign the projects to the program
  • Estimate risks and opportunities as well as costs and effort
  • Monitor budgets and dates
  • Create program status reports
Bundle projects to programs

Bundling projects to programs helps to maintain an overview of milestones and costs of projects that belong together.

Budget, costs, and effort of the program or of the assigned projects can be displayed as summarized total values or per yearly tranche in the Budget module.

Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for planning and executing his or her projects. Project data such as project attributes, key dates, descriptive data, and evaluating data such as objective contribution and risk value are clearly displayed in the Project Core Data.

Project planning and monitoring

The project manager plans his/her project in detail with regard to dates, resources, and costs based on the process model. You can also control approvals via customer individual, definable processes in the form of workflows. Master milestones and gates can be used to enhance control. Project control by means of the integrated project time recording (actual dates, costs and effort)

Cost planning

The Budget module visualizes cost, budget, and effort details of the project grouped by cost type groups. Budget planning can be carried out with the objective of comparing costs calculated in the course of the planning with the budget. Project costs can be copied from external systems like SAP via an interface.

Project communication

The Dashboard module is the notification center for current information on the project. Different statuses of the milestones, the current project status, activities, budget/cost deviations, forecasts on additional effort of project team members, etc. are displayed. The project manager can add personal estimates on end date, effort, costs, and quality to project status Reports.

Resource manager

The resource manager is responsible for the timely completion of all project-related tasks of his/her department. He/she is interested in the best possible distribution of work to their employees, and in a high and steady utilization of his/her department.

Department Board

The central department board immediately indicates free capacities and bottlenecks and facilitates planning and replanning of resources, taking into account priorities, skills, and vacation.

Utilization diagrams

Utilization diagrams clearly display the utilization of the resources by project code. Vacation and absence of the employees of the department are displayed as well.

Project staff

The project team member is responsible for the timely completion of the tasks assigned to them and records his/her effort on the projects. Due to the project team member’s forecast, the project manager can keep the resource planning up-to-date at all times.

Employee Board

The central Employee Board is the project team member’s processing center. It provides an overview of the projects in which the employee is planned and shows his/her utilization. The todo items and process steps to be completed by him/her are listed there in a clearly organized manner.

Simple entry of hours

The project team member himself enters his hours worked in the input mask of the relevant project. The employee’s presence can optionally be displayed when reporting hours worked (e.g. import arriving and leaving times from PDA)


As a basis for decision-making, the management and the stakeholders need reliable project-specific and cross-project information.

Comprehensive reporting
Even in PLANTA project Standard there is a variety of predefined cross-project reports like project status reports with project progression history as well as reports on critical project situations like date delay, milestone delay, or budget overrun. By means of the PLANTA Customizer component, individual reports can be created and exported to Excel.

Overview in multi-project management

Stakeholders can have projects displayed in the Multi-Project Board grouped by different criteria, e.g. by cost center, customers, or project groups. The project manager’s estimate regarding the status of the project concerned is also displayed.

Detailed cost and budget overviews

Budgets, costs, and revenues can also be grouped by different parameters like, e.g., project code, project manager, or customer and show both the current and the initially planned status in a clearly organized manner.