PLANTA pro­ject
Mul­ti-Pro­ject Manage­ment Tool

Suc­cessful Initia­ti­on, Plan­ning, and Imple­men­ta­ti­on of Projects

Projektmanagement-Software PLANTA project stilisiert mit Gantt-Chart, Diagrammen, Zeiterfassung, Sicherheit, Workflows

Stay on Top of Your Projects

  • You want to keep a per­fect over­view of dates, resour­ces and cos­ts of your projects?
  • You want to get the most out of your pro­ject teams and want your pro­jects’ pro­gress to be visi­ble at any time?

PLANTA pro­ject lets you plan and con­trol your pro­jects sys­te­ma­ti­cal­ly from pro­ject appli­ca­ti­on to the archi­ved pro­ject. You can imme­dia­te­ly iden­ti­fy free capa­ci­ties in the resour­ce uti­liza­ti­on, so that you can make quick decis­i­ons on pro­jects. In the case of chan­ges and upco­ming bot­t­len­ecks you can take coun­ter mea­su­res in good time.

Thanks to the ela­bo­ra­ted con­trol­ling opti­ons you are always up to date with regard to the cur­rent pro­ject sta­tus and pos­si­ble deviations.

Deci­de for yours­elf how you want to keep your data: on-pre­mi­ses or as a cloud solution.

PLANTA pro­ject can also be used as a web cli­ent in par­al­lel with the local cli­ent. PLANTA soft­ware thus remains available via desk­top but you can also use it on your tablet or note­book via the brow­ser. 

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Plan pro­jects and pro­ject appli­ca­ti­ons sys­te­ma­ti­cal­ly and crea­te your own pro­ject stan­dard for your company

Indi­vi­du­al pro­ject manage­ment with pro­ject tem­pla­tes, adjus­ta­ble pro­cess model, com­pa­ny-spe­ci­fic work­flows pro­vi­de your pro­jects with the neces­sa­ry struc­tu­re. Task manage­ment, Ablauf­pla­nung, date plan­ning help assist you in resour­ce plan­ning. cost plan­ning, risk manage­ment, finan­cial key figu­res help you to deci­de for a project. 

Inte­gra­ti­on via Out­look Calen­dar allows you to direct­ly import pro­ject and task dates from PLANTA pro­ject into Out­look Calen­dar. Inte­gra­ti­on takes place via the uni­ver­sal inter­face PLANTA link. 

PLANTA project Projektvorlagen


Ope­ra­ti­ve resour­ce manage­ment allows you to imme­dia­te­ly iden­ti­fy free capa­ci­ties and bottlenecks

Resour­ce plan­ning, resour­ce assign­ment wit­hout over­load, trans­pa­rent resour­ce uti­liza­ti­on throug­hout all pro­jects, skill management

Iden­ti­fy­ing and reac­ting to bot­t­len­ecks, resour­ce simu­la­ti­on, chan­ge management

Per­for­mance and cost recor­ding, mile­stone control

PLANTA project Ressourcenplanung


Always cur­rent pro­ject data for pro­ject con­trol­ling and management

Mul­ti-pro­ject manage­ment, resour­ce manage­ment of all com­pa­ny resour­ces, cost manage­ment on each level of the pro­ject struc­tu­re, risk manage­ment, con­flict management

Iden­ti­fy pro­ject pro­gress and devia­ti­ons, crea­te fore­casts of remai­ning effort, make plan­ned-actu­al comparisons

Meaningful reports at the click of a but­ton, sta­tus reports and trend ana­ly­ses on the basis of inte­gra­ted time recording

Relia­ble moni­to­ring and the opti­on to set up your own mul­ti-pro­ject infor­ma­ti­on sys­tem with the help of which you always have an eye on dates, resour­ces, and cos­ts of all com­pa­ny pro­jects so that you can swift­ly react to deviations

PLANTA project Projektcontrolling
Use PLANTA pul­se & PLANTA pro­ject as a hybrid sys­tem and enjoy the advan­ta­ges from both PM worlds

PLANTA pro­ject for tra­di­tio­nal pro­ject methods

Pro­jekt­planung mit Mei­len­stei­nen, Pro­jekt­bud­gets und ‑risi­ken

PLANTA pul­se for agi­le team col­la­bo­ra­ti­on via Kan­ban boards and Scrum

Impro­ved com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and coor­di­na­ti­on pro­ces­ses, par­ti­cu­lar­ly in disper­sed teams

Fle­xi­ble Role Con­cept — Ever­yo­ne Sees Exact­ly what They Need

The pro­ject manage­ment pro­cess invol­ves employees who have dif­fe­rent tasks, are­as of respon­si­bi­li­ty and com­pe­ten­ces. Pre­de­fi­ned adjus­ta­ble roles pur­po­seful­ly sup­port the employees invol­ved in the pro­ject in their work.

Mul­ti-pro­ject ­mana­ger / Pro­gram manager

Pro­ject manager

Project­ team member

Manage­ment / Stakeholder

Mul­ti-Pro­ject Manager

The mul­ti-pro­ject manager’s main task is the coor­di­na­ti­on of indi­vi­du­al pro­jects with regard to the best pos­si­ble imple­men­ta­ti­on of the stra­te­gic com­pa­ny goals. Mul­ti-pro­ject mana­gers ana­ly­ze the inter­ac­tion of pro­jects to iden­ti­fy cross-pro­ject resour­ce con­flicts and take sui­ta­ble mea­su­res for optimization.

Plan and Prio­ri­ti­ze Pro­ject Appli­ca­ti­ons Systematically

Pro­jekt-Vor­la­gen und unter­neh­mens­spe­zi­fi­sche Work­flows erleich­tern die Pla­nung von Pro­jek­ten. Jede Pro­jekt­idee im Unter­neh­men wird nach kla­rem Pro­jekt­stan­dard erfasst.

PLANTA project Projekt-Workflow
Clear Bud­get Specifications

Task manage­ment and date plan­ning with spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on of effort and cost bud­gets defi­ne the frame­work for a suc­cessful pro­ject. bud­gets, cos­ts and reve­nues are visua­li­zed in a trans­pa­rent way inclu­ding their pos­si­ble deviations.

PLANTA project Risiken und Chancen
Iden­ti­fy Risks and Opportunities

Finan­cial key figu­res and pos­si­ble pro­ject risks and oppor­tu­ni­ties in mul­ti-pro­ject and indi­vi­du­al pro­ject manage­ment help to deci­de for a pro­ject idea. The dama­ge and gross pro­fit values of the pro­jects are visua­li­zed with their pro­ba­bi­li­ty of occur­rence and the ext­ent of dama­ge to be expec­ted in a clear traf­fic light design.

Plan Resour­ces

The resour­ce request pro­cess faci­li­ta­tes out­line plan­ning with gene­ric resour­ces like teams/departments. Plan machi­nes, devices, test­ing faci­li­ties, exter­nal resour­ces, cost or skill resources.

A request/approval work­flow faci­li­ta­tes resour­ce planning.

PLANTA pro­ject pro­vi­des a clear over­view of the resour­ce uti­liza­ti­on over all pro­jects, pro­po­sals, and pro­ject ide­as and allows you to quick­ly iden­ti­fy resour­ce con­flicts. This allows you to take appro­pria­te mea­su­res in good time even if chan­ges are made to the run­ning project.

PLANTA project Ressourcen planen
Have an Eye on the Pro­gress of Your Projects

Meaningful reports like sta­tus reports and trend ana­ly­ses can be crea­ted based on the inte­gra­ted time recor­ding at the click of a but­ton. This allows per­sons respon­si­ble for the pro­ject to always have an eye on pro­ject pro­gress and devia­ti­ons from the plan­ning. The pro­ject mana­ger can trans­mit fore­casts on chan­ges to the remai­ning effort for each project.
The info board shows the sum­ma­ri­zed infor­ma­ti­on of indi­vi­du­al pro­jects in a cle­ar­ly arran­ged way: cos­ts, effort, risk and oppor­tu­ni­ty trends as well as ear­ned value and mile­stone trend data.

PLANTA project Projektstatus

Pro­gram Manager

In a pro­gram, seve­ral pro­jects can be bund­led. The pro­gram mana­ger coor­di­na­tes and mana­ges the pro­jects of a pro­gram to achie­ve the stra­te­gic goals and requi­re­ments of the program.

The pro­gram manager’s tasks:

  • Defi­ne the program
  • Assign the pro­jects to the program
  • Esti­ma­te risks and oppor­tu­ni­ties as well as cos­ts and effort
  • Moni­tor bud­gets and dates
  • Crea­te pro­gram sta­tus reports
Bund­le pro­jects to programs

Bund­ling pro­jects to pro­grams helps to main­tain an over­view of mile­sto­nes and cos­ts of pro­jects that belong together.

Bud­get, cos­ts, and effort of the pro­gram or of the assi­gned pro­jects can be dis­play­ed as sum­ma­ri­zed total values or per year­ly tran­che in the Bud­get module.

Pro­ject Manager

The pro­ject mana­ger is respon­si­ble for plan­ning and exe­cu­ting his or her pro­jects. Pro­ject data such as pro­ject attri­bu­tes, key dates, descrip­ti­ve data, and eva­lua­ting data such as objec­ti­ve con­tri­bu­ti­on and risk value are cle­ar­ly dis­play­ed in the Pro­ject Core Data.

Pro­ject plan­ning and monitoring

The pro­ject mana­ger plans his/her pro­ject in detail with regard to dates, resour­ces, and cos­ts based on the pro­cess model. You can also con­trol appr­ovals via cus­to­mer indi­vi­du­al, defi­nable pro­ces­ses in the form of work­flows. Mas­ter mile­sto­nes and gates can be used to enhan­ce con­trol. Pro­ject con­trol by means of the inte­gra­ted pro­ject time recor­ding (actu­al dates, cos­ts and effort).

Cost plan­ning

The Bud­get modu­le visua­li­zes cost, bud­get, and effort details of the pro­ject grou­ped by cost type groups. Bud­get plan­ning can be car­ri­ed out with the objec­ti­ve of com­pa­ring cos­ts cal­cu­la­ted in the cour­se of the plan­ning with the bud­get. Pro­ject cos­ts can be copied from exter­nal sys­tems like SAP via an interface.

Pro­ject communication

The Dash­board modu­le is the noti­fi­ca­ti­on cen­ter for cur­rent infor­ma­ti­on on the pro­ject. Dif­fe­rent sta­tu­s­es of the mile­sto­nes, the cur­rent pro­ject sta­tus, acti­vi­ties, budget/cost devia­ti­ons, fore­casts on addi­tio­nal effort of pro­ject team mem­bers, etc. are displayed.
The pro­ject mana­ger can add per­so­nal esti­ma­tes on end date, effort, cos­ts, and qua­li­ty to pro­ject sta­tus reports.

Resour­ce manager

The resour­ce mana­ger is respon­si­ble for the time­ly com­ple­ti­on of all pro­ject-rela­ted tasks of his/her depart­ment. He/she is inte­res­ted in the best pos­si­ble dis­tri­bu­ti­on of work to their employees, and in a high and ste­ady uti­liza­ti­on of his/her department.

Depart­ment board

The cen­tral depart­ment board imme­dia­te­ly indi­ca­tes free capa­ci­ties and bot­t­len­ecks and faci­li­ta­tes plan­ning and replan­ning of resour­ces, taking into account prio­ri­ties, skills, and vacation.

Uti­liza­ti­on diagrams

Uti­liza­ti­on dia­grams cle­ar­ly dis­play the uti­liza­ti­on of the resour­ces by pro­ject code. Vaca­ti­on and absence of the employees of the depart­ment are dis­play­ed as well.

Pro­ject Staff

The pro­ject team mem­ber is respon­si­ble for the time­ly com­ple­ti­on of the tasks assi­gned to them and records his/her effort on the pro­jects. Due to the pro­ject team member’s fore­cast, the pro­ject mana­ger can keep the resour­ce plan­ning up-to-date at all times.

Employee board

The cen­tral Employee Board is the pro­ject team member’s pro­ces­sing cen­ter. It pro­vi­des an over­view of the pro­jects in which the employee is plan­ned and shows his/her uti­liza­ti­on. The todo items and pro­cess steps to be com­ple­ted by him/her are lis­ted the­re in a cle­ar­ly orga­ni­zed manner.

Simp­le ent­ry of hours

The pro­ject team mem­ber hims­elf enters his hours work­ed in the input mask of the rele­vant pro­ject. The employee’s pre­sence can optio­nal­ly be dis­play­ed when report­ing hours work­ed (e.g. import arri­ving and lea­ving times from PDA).


As a basis for decis­i­on-making, the manage­ment and the stake­hol­ders need relia­ble pro­ject-spe­ci­fic and cross-pro­ject information.

Com­pre­hen­si­ve reporting

Even in the PLANTA pro­ject stan­dard ver­si­on the­re is a varie­ty of pre­de­fi­ned cross-pro­ject reports like pro­ject sta­tus reports with pro­ject pro­gres­si­on histo­ry as well as reports on cri­ti­cal pro­ject situa­tions like date delay, mile­stone delay, or bud­get over­run. By means of the PLANTA Cus­to­mi­zer com­po­nent, indi­vi­du­al reports can be crea­ted and expor­ted to Excel.

Over­view in mul­ti-pro­ject management

Stake­hol­ders can have pro­jects dis­play­ed in the Mul­ti-Pro­ject Board grou­ped by dif­fe­rent cri­te­ria, e.g. by cost cen­ter, cus­to­mers, or pro­ject groups. The pro­ject manager’s esti­ma­te regar­ding the sta­tus of the pro­ject con­cer­ned is also displayed.

Detail­ed cost and bud­get overviews

Bud­gets, cos­ts, and reve­nues can also be grou­ped by dif­fe­rent para­me­ters like, e.g., pro­ject code, pro­ject mana­ger, or cus­to­mer and show both the cur­rent and the initi­al­ly plan­ned sta­tus in a cle­ar­ly orga­ni­zed manner.