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Project Management

Master any project
situation flexibly

Enjoy the advantages of both PM worlds!

The PLANTA Hybrid enables you to use agile and classical project planning methods in one integrated system. Thanks to synchronization via webservices, data is always current in both interconnected systems.

It can be used for entire projects and for individual project phases. Possible areas of use:

  • Product development (not only software development)
  • in the service area (e.g. hotline)
  • in marketing campaigns
  • in the implementation of new processes in the company
  • in IT and organizational projects
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PLANTA Hybrid: PLANTA project combined with agile systems

PLANTA project enables you to carry out classical project management with detailed project planning and to control budget, resource utilization, and project progress as well as to report agilely planned projects.

With PLANTA pulse you can carry out agile planning of subprojects or projects within the project teams. Todo items can be administered flexibly and hours can be reported to them.

infographic hybrid project management with planta

PLANTA Jira link

Since some areas of use call for the connection to further agile systems like, e.g., Jira, or to other systems, PLANTA has designed an interface to Jira for this particular area of use: PLANTA Jira link is a PLANTA Add-On, based on the Web interfaces with PLANTA link.

The PLANTA hybrid provides you with an integrated system which allows you to connect the classical PLANTA project system with the agile PLANTA pulse and/or with the agile Jira system. Whatever option you may go for, synchronisation via webservices always provides you with current data both in the agile and in the classical system.

Integrated time recording
  • Users can record and get an overview of their working time.
  • When using it as a hybrid system, reported hours from PLANTA pulse are always up-to-date in the respective PLANTA project task thanks to synchronization.
The functional interface for effective project management
  • Take benefit of the advantages of classical project management:
    Plan projects including resource management and budget administration in PLANTA project and then synchronize with PLANTA pulse
  • Intuitive detail planning of individual tasks:
    Tasks are automatically created as boards which add resources as members, communication and allocation of responsibility is done directly in the board
  • Flexibility in the team:
    All employees always have an eye on the current progress and can record their working hours directly in PLANTA pulse
  • Fewer work stages for more productivity:
    Immediately returns the working hours recorded in PLANTA pulse to PLANTA project

Use Cases Sprint Planning

Development of a new website with PLANTA project and PLANTA pulse

A new website is to be developed. To assure an optimal administration of schedules, resources, and budget, the project manager uses PLANTA project for project planning. For the detailed planning of the individual sprints, the team of developers relies on PLANTA pulse in order to be able to manage all todo items agilely and intuitively in the actual work process.

  • Project manager: planning of the “New website” project in PLANTA project
  • Synchronization of the sprint tasks with PLANTA pulse
  • Scope transfer to the team of developers: : Thanks to the predefined board-layout („Backlog“, „To be done“ etc.) and to the automatic copying of the resources to PLANTA pulse, they can immediately get started.
  • Team of developers: self-organized planning and implementation in PLANTA pulse
    • The team of developers discusses what is to be realized in the first sprint. The team leader creates the first cards in PLANTA pulse, assigns todo items and defines deadlines.
    • All team members can monitor the activities they have been planned for.
    • Thanks to individual labels, priorities are allocated so that the team members can organize their work according to the requirements
    • The team communicates via the board: Notes and documents are added to the cards and are available to all members.
    • The team uses the board for uncomplicated time recording: Working hours are entered directly on the todo item cards.
    • The project manager can trace back the progress in PLANTA project, since the hours recorded on the board are immediately applied.
  • Monitoring and analysis of the project and its individual tasks in terms of defined time and costs by the project manager in PLANTA project
  • A successful project which combines the strengths of both the classical and the agile method.
  • Thanks to quick feedback by the customer and the own team, intermediate results can be adjusted to new requirements (adaptive planning) and the final result can turn out to be a substantial improvement to the initial planning which is sometimes only substantiated in the course of the development cycles (VUCA World).
Hybrid project management can be used variably in the company:

According to individual requirements for the respective project, agile and classical elements can be used pragmatically, allowing you to find the best hybrid variant for the entire project according to its respective size and complexity.

PLANTA Hybrid Terminplan

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