PLANTA pulse – Independent Software Review

Dr. Mey Mark Meyer, independent advisor and author of the „Software for Project Management“ GPM market study has introduced PLANTA pulse in a software review in Projektmanagement aktuell issue 5/2018, published by GPM, appreciating the software as a „solution for collaboration in agile projects“ and for „integrated hybrid project management“.

PLANTA pulse is a browser based tool, which facilitates in particular the flexible task management and teamwork in project teams in all areas. The strength of PLANTA pulse particular lies in the interface to PLANTA project, which allows to connect classical and agile project management methods seamlessly.

Insight into the software review
„PLANTA pulse has a visually appealing design, it is clearly structured, and its operation is so intuitive that, if any, only a brief instruction is required.“

„PLANTA pulse allows its users a great deal of freedom. Besides Scrum or Kanban approaches with user-specific fields and due dates, users can also implement their very own approaches towards task management.“

„When it comes down to connecting agilely coordinated projects, subprojects, and work packages with date scheduling in overall projects and summarizing them for multi-project-analyses, the software has a special advantage in store.“

Read for yourself how PLANTA pulse can score as an independent system and how it supports mixed planning methods in combination with PLANTA project.

We would like to thank Dr. Meyer for his feedback which is already being taken into consideration in the further development of PLANTA pulse.

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