The PLANTA Hybrid: Agile and Classical PM

The PLANTA Hybrid: Agile and Classical PM


Mostly, projects are planned either agilely or classically. It is very topical to apply the hybrid approach, which means that we combine the two planning methods and take advantage of both sides.
Here, you can request the new “Hybrid Project Management or How to Skillfully Use Classical and Agile Planning Methods for Our Projects?” whitepaper free of charge.


PLANTA Project: has been proving itself to 50,000 users as a valueable system for classical PM. We use its benefits of company-wide defined project standards and the controllability in a standardized workflow.


PLANTA pulse: web application for agile planning and freely structurable task management in a team providing flexibility and transparent communication.

Additional to the usual functions of collaboration tools, PLANTA pulse also provides collaborative project management: work reporting, management of shared documents, chat function, e-mail notification, calendar feed and Outlook/Google Calendar integration, checklists with completion degree, activity bar.

PLANTA Hybrid: Plan Agilely and Evaluate Classically

Thanks to the synchronization of PLANTA pulse with PLANTA Project, the benefits of both planning methods can be used in one hybrid system.

The hybrid method can be used for entire projects as well as for single phases of projects. Possible areas of application: product development (not only software), service areas (e.g. hotline), marketing campaigns and introduction of new processes in a company or for IT projects.

Hybrid Project Management Interfaces with PLANTA Project and PLANTA pulse

Scrum project example:

  •  Planning of sprints as tasks in PLANTA Project
  •  Agile and self-organized planning of sprints by teams in PLANTA pulse boards
  •  Work reporting in the PLANTA pulse board, returning of hours worked to the corresponding task in PLANTA Project
  •  Project monitoring and evaluation by the project manager in PLANTA Project