Individual Training Courses

Individual Training Courses

Our individual training courses are designed to meet the customer’s requirements. The course content of interest should be specified. We will then put together an individual program based on our seminars, the main topics specified by the customer, the available specialist knowledge and the individual software functions. In general, individual training courses will take place on the customer’s premises.

Possible emphasis of the training course

Tailor-made, role-specific training courses for all user groups increase the users’ acceptance of the new system and the new processes. These role-specific training courses can be provided by PLANTA and its partners or alternatively by the customer’s own staff.

Project managers Participants are given details of all the functions required to support project planning and monitoring, and for project status reporting.
Resource managers Resource managers are trained in the planning and replanning of resources, the analysis of the current and future utilization of departments and employees, and the monitoring of open items for team members.
Multi-project managers The emphasis here is generally on strategic project management, project portfolio analysis, detailed project-specific information and cross-project reporting.
Project team members In a brief informative presentation, project team members are introduced to reporting of working hours, the processing of open items, and the options for obtaining information, for example about schedules and the individual’s own tasks.
Customizers Building on the Customizer seminar, detailed training is given relevant for company-specific modifications which have been requested.

We are happy to offer further individual training courses.

Training requests

Are you interested in an individual training course for your company? Then write to us giving details of

  • your company
  • the required training content
  • the preferred training date
  • the expected number of participants
  • your contact, with telephone number and e-mail address

We will attempt to meet your preferred date.