PLANTA offers a comprehensive range of support services, to ensure efficient use of the PLANTA software. In addition to personal support by telephone or on-site, a great deal of support information is available to the user via the Internet.

Your advantages

Maximum availability of PLANTA software

  • Participation in technical and functional developments
  • Best possible support and response times
  • On request: Usage-based hotline costs

Core competences

Customer Area PLANTA’s customer area and PLANTA Wiki provide an extensive database of information via the Internet, so that it is often possible for users themselves to solve any problems which arise. Customers have round-the-clock access to an online-documentation with industry-specific and technical information, together with manuals.
PLANTA’s customer area and PLANTA Wiki are available free of charge to all our customers.
Hotline During PLANTA’s office hours, the customer support team is also available by telephone to deal with support queries. Our specialists support you in solving problems. In order to use the hotline you must have taken part in training courses, the hotline cannot be used to replace these courses.
Hotline packages individually tailored to the customer’s requirements ensure that the customer only pays for the support actually required.
Software maintenance The functionality of PLANTA software is continuously being developed taking into account technical progress and suggestions from our customers. By agreeing a software maintenance contract, customers ensure that they profit from these further developments.
Customizing Company-specific modifications can be undertaken either by customers themselves or by PLANTA. Any customizing carried out by PLANTA is based on a requirements specification, which is then made available to the customer as the user manual. This ensures that all modifications are documented. The customizing services can also include the drawing up of a requirements specification.