Our experienced consultants have expert knowledge and skills in organizational and technical areas. They are there to assist with any questions in the field of project management, and will contribute to ensuring that you make efficient use of the potential performance of the PLANTA project management software.

Your advantages

Professional advice in all phases of the introduction and operation of PLANTA software.

Core competences

Project management

Project specialists will undertake the project management activities for the introduction project, working as a team with the customer’s internal project manager and other partners.


Working with you, experienced consultants will plan and realize the introduction of PLANTA software. PLANTA software will be adapted to the customer’s target processes.
This includes:

  • Preparation of the project team’s introductory training
  • Definition of the planning model (basic data, project structure, etc.)
  • Definition of the user roles – assignment of functions to user roles
  • Definition of any necessary outline concept for interfaces
  • The result: introduction of a customer-specific planning process