Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance

Reasons for software maintenance

Software maintenance safeguards the value of your investment.

The functionality of the software is continuously being developed taking into account technical progress and suggestions from our customers. By agreeing a software maintenance contract, customers ensure that they profit from these further developments. In new releases, the following services are provided, among other things:

  • Further developments in database and operating systems are taken into consideration
  • New software functions are provided.
  • Further functionalities are provided in modules, forms, reports and so on in the standard product.

Access to PLANTA’s customer area

PLANTA’s customer area provides an extensive database of information via the Internet, so that it is often possible for users themselves to solve any problems which arise. Customers have round-the-clock access to a knowledge base of industry-specific and technical information, together with manuals. In addition to the manuals, the documentation of the software is included in a Wiki. For training purposes, there is a corresponding training manual including workflow tutorials for each component.

Price savings when purchasing scaled tasks in the case of changes to the license model

Active software maintenance entitles customers to purchase new price scales as the monetary difference between the previous and new price scale. In the event of no maintenance, the new scale is to be purchased at the normal price.