Service Prices

Service Prices

Services are charged by the hour. A day corresponds to eight hours here.

Scope Unit Price in €
Consultancy/individual workshops

  • Strategy/organization consulting (senior consultant)
  •  Individual workshop
Day 1,520

  • Implementation consulting, training of the project team, customizing, installation, update, porting, coaching
Day 1,280
User training, company-specific

  • Customer-specific training for end users
  • Max. 10 participants
Day 1,280
Open seminars/open workshops

  • Open seminars, open workshops on current topics
  • Max. 10 participants
  • Location: PLANTA Karlsruhe
Participant 500


For software maintenance plus hotline, 18% of the relevant license price for all purchased components as per the PLANTA price list is charged per year.


Individual training/individual workshop

If the customer wants training based on company-specific data or the creation of training documents or a workshop to handle customer-specific solutions, the preparatory work involved is billed on the basis of the actual hours needed for this.

The following cancellation costs are charged if participants withdraw from PLANTA seminars or customer-specific training courses:

  • Up to 10 days before the start of the event: 50% of the seminar price
  • Up to 3 days before the start of the event: 100% of the seminar price

Substitute participants can participate at any time at no additional cost.

Seminars and workshops on current topics

Seminars and workshops on current topics are open to participants from various companies.


Installation of PLANTA software can be carried out by the customer itself or by PLANTA. If the installation uses an external database, additional workload of approx. 1 day should be expected. The customer must provide a database administrator.

Performance record

If the customer procures services from PLANTA, a performance record shall be provided to the customer each month or at the completion of the services. If it appears likely that the service volume is insufficient, PLANTA will inform the customer’s project manager immediately and submit a current performance record.

Term of support contract

Software maintenance and hotline services start on delivery of the PLANTA standard software and are regarded as definitively agreed for the period of two years. Subsequently, software maintenance and hotline services will automatically be extended by one year unless terminated 3 months prior to expiry of the contract. Termination must be announced in writing.

Software maintenance for partner customers

Even if a customer purchases PLANTA software from a PLANTA sales partner, software maintenance contracts are concluded directly with PLANTA (Germany or Switzerland).

Support for releases

Two main releases – the current one and its predecessor – are always supported. Older releases are no longer supported.

Prerequisite for Hotline

Hotline services are provided on the assumption that the user has undergone appropriate training; support cannot replace this training.

Remote maintenance/access

To ensure it provides the best possible support, PLANTA uses software tools that, with the customer’s agreement, enable PLANTA to remotely access the customer system.

Travel and overnight stays

Flat rates

Description Price in €
Travel cost flat rate up to 25 km 50
Travel cost flat rate up to 50 km 100
Travel cost flat rate up to 100 km 200
Travel cost flat rate up to 150 km 250
Travel cost flat rate up to 250 km 350
Travel cost flat rate up to 350 km 450
Travel cost flat rate up to 500 km 600
Travel cost flat rate up to 750 km 750
Travel cost flat rate up to 1,000 km 900
Flat rate for overnight stay 130


Travel and overnight stays are charged on the basis of actual distance traveled and nights stayed.

The travel cost flat rate is calculated from Karlsruhe regardless of origin/destination based on simple distance. It also covers the travel time.