Price Scale Example

Price Scale Example

Example for project management

The customer has 100 projects with an average of 25 tasks
Current planning volume: 2,500 tasks
Task volume license to be applied: 4,000 tasks
Planning volume still available: 1,500 tasks

Reduction and increase of planning volume

Projects which have been completed can be transferred into an archive database. The tasks in these latter projects are then no longer included in the planning volume.

Planning volume before archiving: 2,250 tasks
10 projects each with 25 customer tasks are archived.
New planning volume: 2,000 tasks

If additional tasks are required, you can purchase a license for a higher task volume. If the customer has a maintenance contract, only the difference between the license price already paid and the price for the new task volume is charged, based on the currently valid price list. If a maintenance contract was not concluded, the license price for the higher task volume is charged.

Typical values from practical experience

The number of tasks which arise in a plan is application-specific. From our experience, typical numbers of tasks are:

Task/project type Small companies Medium-sized companies  Large companies
Outline Planning in Machine and Plant Construction70-100 tasks per 500 thousand euro order value 4,000 4,000 to 32,000 From 64,000
Control of development projects 1,000 to 2,000 4,000 to 32,000 From 64,000
Control of DP and organizational projects 1,000 2,000 4,000