PLANTA pulse

 PLANTA pulse

  • Collaboration tool - Dynamic and transparent team work
  • Agile planning
  • Use with PLANTA Project as hybrid: agile planning of projects and project parts can be processed within project teams. Using PLANTA Project, a detailed planning and the monitoring of budget, resource utilization and project progress as well as the reporting of projects planned with PLANTA pulse are provided.

PLANTA pulse is a web program for freely structurable task management in a team. PLANTA pulse also provides collaborative project management. 

Tasks are administered in boards (a board equals a project) together with lists and cards. A card equates to a task in a project. For a more detailed structure, checklists can be added to each card. Members can write comments on cards which facilitates the direct communication among the team members who work together on particular tasks or wish to be informed on the task progress.

All essential information is displayed on the card without having to open it:

  • Assignment to categories (freely definable labels) and team members
  • Start and end date
  • Already reported hours
  • Number of complete checklist tasks
  • Existence of attachments or comments

Handling of tasks on a board is quite easy: cards can be moved via mouse, so that changed assignments or completed tasks can quickly be positioned in the right place on the board. Completed cards can be archived and, if required, be restored.

Features at a Glance

Filtering by Team Member and Label

 Activity Bar

On the activity bar, which can be displayed or hidden on the right side, all team members, labels, and board actions such as information on added, completed, and moved cards, added comments, etc. are displayed.

 WIP limits

It is possible to limit the number of cards in a list so that not too many cards are processed at the same time.

 E-Mail Notification

Team members can receive notifications on updates in the board by email.

Start and Due Date

Via date listboxes, the required start and due date can be selected for the respective card. Dates are displayed in different colors (red, gray, green, yellow) depending on the relation of start and due date to today’s date.


Integration in Outlook

PLANTA pulse supports iCalendar feeds for users and boards. Hence, dates can be imported from a pulse board to all calendar programs which support the .ics standard (e.g. Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar).

  • Board feeds show all dates of a board in the corresponding calendar.
  • Members can create their own user feeds to have their individual dates (dates assigned to them on board cards) shown.


Reporting Hours Worked, Overview of Reported Hours

  • Employees can enter their working time and get an overview of their reported hours worked.
  • Reported hours worked are directly linked to the corresponding card on which the total working time for this task is displayed.



For each task, checklists can be created. The degree of completion (e.g. 3 of 7 items are completed) is displayed on the card. As soon as every checklist item is checked as completed, the degree of completion on the card will turn to green.


File Sharing

Attachments can be added to a card via Drag&Drop or Copy&Paste. On a card, attachments can either be displayed as paper clip symbols only or they can be displayed completely.



In order to create an individual board style, background images (user-defined via URL or from a directory) can be added and displayed as cover images in the board overview.


Communication/Chat Function

  • Chat channels can be created flexibly.
  • Chat users can simply be assigned to channels or assign themselves to channels.
  • Additionally, limited authorizations (read only) or private chat modes can be set, if required.

Synchronization with PLANTA Project

Thanks to the synchronization of PLANTA pulse with PLANTA Project, the benefits of both planning methods can be used in one hybrid system. The hybrid method can be used for entire projects as well as for single phases of projects. Possible areas of application: product development (not only software), service areas (e.g. hotline), marketing campaigns and introduction of new processes in a company or for IT projects.

Hybrid Project Management Interfaces with PLANTA Project and PLANTA pulse
Scrum project example:

  •  Planning of sprints as tasks in PLANTA Project
  •  Agile and self-organized planning of sprints by teams in PLANTA pulse boards
  •  Work reporting in the PLANTA pulse board, returning of hours worked to the corresponding task in PLANTA Project
  •  Project monitoring and evaluation by the project manager in PLANTA Project

Your Benefits

  • Dynamic and transparent team work
  • Collaboration and communication within a team
  • Flexible handling of own tasks
  • SaaS or on-premise possible, ensuring a high data protection level
  • Web-based: available on numerous platforms
PLANTA pulse Collaboration tool

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