Resource Manager

Resource Manager

Resource managers are responsible for the timely completion of all project-related tasks in their department. They are interested in the best possible distribution of the work to their employees, and in a high and steady utilization of their department.

 Resource Management

  • Central department board for department management
  • Planning and replanning of resources, taking into account priorities, skills and vacations
  • Analysis of the current and future department and employee utilization
  • Department controlling on the basis of actual capacities
  • Monitoring open items handled by employees
Ressource Management
Department Capacity

Edit Resource Planning

In the Resource Planning module, the resource manager can distribute the planning (effort) of resources of his/her department (e.g. from a department resource to an individual person resource of the department).

The utilization diagrams show the utilization of the resources by project code.

Ressource Planning Capacity Chart
Capacity Chart Ressource Planning


The Absence module shows both vacation and absence times of the resources of the department.

Absence Ressources
Absence Employees