Project Staff

Project Staff

Project staff members are responsible for the timely completion of the tasks assigned to them, and book their effort against the projects.


The employees planned in a project are assigned to the projects as team members. Due to automatic notification function, the team members' collaboration and communication is improved. On login to the system, every project team member is shown his or her personal employee board containing the projects in which he or she is planned.

 Information and Reporting of Working Hours

  • Central employee board including an overview of the employee's tasks
  • Reporting of working hours and forecast of remaining effort
  • Information about utilization, tasks and schedules
  • Information about possible opportunities and risks in the projects of the employee
  • Editing open items, tasks, process steps, measures, which are assigned to the employee
  • Input of vacation and absence details

 Employee Board

The Employee Board module is the project team member's processing center. It provides an overview of the employee's utilization and the activities, process steps, etc.  still to be dealt with.

Employee Board
My Activities

Communication between people involved project

The Info module is a central board for creating, sending, receiving, and administrating messages of the current user, i.e. here messages are displayed which were sent by or to the current user.

Communicatio in Project
Info in Employee Board

Simple Entry of Hours

Project staff enter their hours worked in the input mask for the relevant project (optionally via "stop watch" function).

Time registration Employees
Work Reporting in Employee Board