Project Manager

Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for planning and executing his or her projects. Potential problems during the progress of the project must be identified in good time by the project manager, so that timely countermeasures can be initiated.

The fact that all information relating to the project, such as project attributes, key dates, descriptive data such as risks and opportunities, and evaluation data such as objective contribution and risk value, is displayed to the project manager in the Project Core Data module.

PLANTA Project provides comprehensive support for project manager tasks. As a result, deviations from project planning can be avoided.

 Project Planning and Monitoring

  • Putting together the project team independently of the resource structure
  • Working out detailed timing, cost and resource plans
  • Delegating sub-projects to sub-project managers
  • Freezing basic plans and/or versions of plans
  • Project progress monitoring, early warning system with ‘traffic lights’
  • Project controlling through integrated reporting to control project progress in line with original planning
  • Project controlling by means of integrated reporting system (actual dates, efforts and costs)
  • Documenting projects, including project risks

Collaborative Project Management with Master Milestones and Gates

In the Schedule, tasks can be defined as master milestones. Additionally, they can be displayed as gates on the date axis. In the _Project Core Data_, you can define via checkbox whether gates are to be displayed in the Schedule. It is possible to approve gates via process models.

PLANTA Project Collaboraitive Project Management
Collaborative Project Management


  • Notification center for the latest information about the project
  • Display of: Status, tasks, budget deviations, forecasts for additional effort by project team members, other information and notes
Dashboard Projectmanagement-Software

Project Status Reporting

Project status with personal estimate of the project manager and comments to end date, effort and costs

Effort, Costs, Quality in Projec Status
Project Status

Costs and Budget

The Budget module provides you with a clear display of cost, budget, and effort details of the project by cost type groups. A budget planning can be carried out with the objective of comparing costs calculated in the course of the planning and the budget.

Any number of cost type groups for costs and effort can be defined, displayed, and evaluated. Both Top Down and Bottom Up budgeting are possible.

Budget, Costs, Effort

Reports on cost and risk trends as well as milestones can be created. Plan deviation and project trend can also be displayed graphically.

Milesstone trend in Info Board