As a basis for decision-making, the management and the stakeholders need reliable project-specific and cross-project information.

Reports and Overviews

  • Numerous predefined cross-project reports
  • Predefined reports for critical project situations such as end date delay, milestone delay, budget overrun
  • Central project info board for summarized details of individual projects
  • Option of detailed information about dates, deviations, costs and effort for an individual project
  • Project status reports with history of the project progress

Display Projects Grouped

Stakeholder can have projects in the Multi-Project Board displayed grouped by various criteria, e.g. by cost center, customer, or project groups. The project manager's estimate regarding the status of the respective project is displayed along with the project.

Multi-Project Board for Stakeholder
Multi-Project Board grouped by criteria

Comprehensive Reporting

  • PLANTA Project offers numerous standard reports. By means of the PLANTA Customizer component, individual reports can be created and exported to Excel.

Rapid Cost and Budget Overviews

  • Display of costs and budgets grouped by project code, project manager, customer etc.
  • Representation of costs and budgets with deviations (Delta View)
Delta viewing Cost Overviews
Delta viewing Budget