PLANTA Project

PLANTA Project

Classical multi-project management, with PLANTA pulse as hybrid

Hybrid project management: with PLANTA pulse agile planning of projects and project parts can be processed within project teams. Using PLANTA Project, a detailed planning and the monitoring of budget, resource utilization and project progress as well as the reporting of projects planned with PLANTA pulse are provided.

Benefits of PLANTA Project at a Glance

  • Identify resource bottlenecks at an early stage and implement counter measures in good time
  • Precise forecast of project end date and end costs
  • Integrated project controlling with the most recent data at all times
  • Early monitoring of the actual project progress

Process-Oriented Project Management

PLANTA Project enables project planning and controlling on a process-oriented basis. A standard process model corresponding to DIN standard 69901-2 is included. According to this standard, the following different phases are involved in multi-project management: initialization, definition, planning, controlling and closing of the project.

Other process models such as PMI or PRINCE2 can easily be implemented. However, depending on your company’s requirements, you can also use customer-specific processes or include new process steps in existing models manually.

The phase model at the bottom of the screen shows the process steps by phases. The status of every process step in the phase is clear (e.g. open, rejected, accepted, completed, cancelled, incomplete).

Schedue and Process Status


All project team members (stakeholders) can be involved in the communication with respect to the project and, e.g., receive a message when a phase has been approved or when the status of a process step has changed. The news distribution type (email or pop-up message) can be defined in advance for each member of the project team.

Roles in PLANTA Project

The project management process involves employees who have different tasks, areas of responsibility and competences. In order to give selective support to the work of those involved in a project, PLANTA Project offers predefined roles for the multi-project manager, project manager, resource/skill manager, management/stakeholder and project staff.

Predefined Roles in PLANTA Project
Predefined Roles in PLANTA Project

Each of these roles is characterized by role-specific menus, functions and reports. These correspond to the differing requirements each role has in terms of the level of detail needed for project information, and the rights to read and make changes to it. Activity-related, centralized information and processing modules enable the relevant items of information to be accessed rapidly and directly, and processed as necessary. Depending on the activity, a user can have one or more roles.

Using the Customizer, the predefined roles can quickly and simply be adapted to provide company-specific roles.

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