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Two-Factor Authentication

PLANTA has always provided a high level of security for customer data with its on-premise solution of PLANTA Project. Customers demanding a high level of data protection also ask for additional security standards - finding the answer in PLANTA Secure.  PLANTA Secure illustrates the current security standard: the two-factor authentication (2FA), which is recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security. 2FA is an identity proof that has to be provided by the user of a system in order to be able to start the system. By combining two independent factors, the user identifies himself - by something he owns and something he knows. This is a common principle of ATM machines: When you want to withdraw money, you need to have a bank card and the corresponding PIN.

Applying this approach to software use, instead of PIN and bank card a password and as second factor a hardware part such as a token or a chip card is used in order to be able to log onto the system.

PLANTA Secure can be integrated into existing security concepts. This means that customers can continue using the authentication method, which has already been applied in their company. A token-less authentication using a passcode sent via SMS onto the user’s mobile phone is also possible.

Reverse Proxy: Safe Connection and Access Protection

As an additional security element, PLANTA has implemented a reverse proxy connection. External as well as internal requests are taken over by the reverse proxy forwarding them to the application server within the internal network. As there is only a connection between the requesting system and the proxy, the internal network has not to be known. The reverse proxy connection provides a very secure connection via SSL certificate from the client through the firewall to the server and avoids accesses to the server from the outside.


Add-on PLANTA Secure

Single Sign-On

A reverse proxy can take over the user authentication for several servers, so that the user only needs to log in once to use the service of several servers.

Your Benefits

  • Maximum security
  • User comfort
  • Complete protection of the PLANTA environment in the internal network
  • Integrable into existing security concepts
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