With PLANTA Link, PLANTA provides a universal interface replacing the previous ERP interface. It is a base for configuring all common interfaces flexibly via parameters. On this basis, individual solutions can be realized that meet the specific demands of each customer in terms of data transfer extent and structure.

In order to use the Universal Interface, you have to license the PLANTA Link add-on first. PLANTA Link enables you to exchange data with other systems, e.g. ERP systems. Since the last releases, PLANTA Link has been extended in various ways and the design has been made more user friendly. Configuration options have been extended, new converter functions, new enrichers have been added, and further interface templates have been integrated.

Overview of Your Benefits:

  • Flexibility: import/export controlled by parameters
  • Security: complete data integration
  • Traceability: protocol of all actions
  • Reliability: plausibility check
  • Simplicity: templates and archiving function facilitate your work
  • Individuality: customer specific interfaces


  • Predefined interface templates (e.g. import of absence, import of German holidays, liability import, load import, load export, employee import)
  • PLANTA supports various interface technologies for data import and export, e.g. file formats (.csv, ...), web service, and SAP RFC calls.
  • The interfaces can be parameterized and automated.
  • Easy creation, configuration, and visualization of interfaces via graphical surface also without programming skills or administrator rights
  • With the intuitive PLANTA Link API, the component can quickly be extended by further functions. This includes the integration of new technologies, new conversion functions, etc. (programming skills necessary for API)
  • Intermediate steps for data conversion, check and processing possible
  • Automatic recognition of target systems: e.g. an interface on a test system automatically connects to an SAP test system
  • Different storage options for log records
  • Automatic archiving of interfaces
  • Interface libraries with common conversions like, e.g., date formats, rounding of numbers, summarization of values from several sources in one target



  • Source
    • is a source module in which records are provided for the transfer.
  • Target
    • is a target module that receives the records.
  • Pool
    • is a pool module, in which the data can temporarily be saved.
      It is not necessary to use the pool module and the pool tables. This is only required if either the data in the pool is to be re-edited or the data set at the time of export is to be traceable in the future. Pool tables can also be used to prepare data from an external system before it will finally be written in PLANTA. In the standard, PLANTA provides 2 pool tables: Load data pool, Employee pool. On the customer site, other data can be imported/exported via pool, for this purpose, the respective data tables can be created.
  • Configuration
    • A configuration contains the key data of an interface.
  • Mapping
    • specifies which columns in the source correspond to which columns in the target.
    • Additionally, the mapping allows to check, convert, and adapt values before they are sent to the target module.
    • A mapping always leads from a source to a target. Between source and target, various mapping functions can be interposed.

PLANTA Link: Data Exchange with an ERP System

PLANTA Link enables you to integrate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Here, it is possible to export or import data from an ERP system to PLANTA. This can be done directly or via a .csv-file. It is possible to create a link to production planning systems, which ensures that outline and detailed planning are integrated.
PLANTA Link integration of ERP system

PLANTA Link: Data Transfer with SAP

The SAP interface can be created with BAPI technology on the basis of PLANTA Link. This customer specific SAP interface ERP enables cost data and information on hours worked to be exchanged, and hence allows efficient project cost controlling. The connection to an SAP system is established once, so that it can be used by different modules and does not have to be established anew each time a module is opened.

Interface to SAP PS

Data exchange with SAP ERP (PS)
Data exchange with SAP ERP (PS)

The interface to SAP PS provides the data exchange of project information based on SAP PSP elements. The SAP work breakdown structure is imported to PLANTA Project and to the PSP elements tasks of the schedule can be assigned. On the PSP elements, budgets and costs can be exchanged.

Interface to SAP PS with work reporting in SAP CATS

PLANTA Link Interface to SAP PS with work reporting in SAP CATS

Interface to SAP CO

Data exchange with SAP ERP (CO)
Data exchange with SAP ERP (CO)

Many companies use the ERP Controlling (CO) module from SAP for controlling in accounting, in order to monitor project costs with the help of cost object controlling.

PLANTA Link for Importing Employee Data

PLANTA Link enables you to quickly import employee data. As a result, all employee tables in the PLANTA system can be filled or updated.

  • Person
  • User
  • Person resource
  • Resource
  • Role
  • Stakeholder

PLANTA provides a module for the initial creation of employee data or for editing the data imported from the foreign system.

Hybrid Project Management Interfaces

Thanks to the synchronization of PLANTA pulse with PLANTA Project, the benefits of both planning methods can be used in one hybrid system.

Scrum project example:

  •  Planning of sprints as tasks in PLANTA Project
  •  Agile and self-organized planning of sprints by teams in PLANTA pulse boards
  •  Work reporting in the PLANTA pulse board, returning of hours worked to the corresponding task in PLANTA Project
  •  Project monitoring and evaluation by the project manager in PLANTA Project
PLANTA hybrid interfaces: PLANTA Project and PLANTA pulse

Integration into PM Landscape

A web service interface is available that allows  various external systems to be connected in a common way: PLANTA pulse, JIRA, TFS.  More interfaces can be implemented
facilitating the integration of the PLANTA Server into the existing IT landscape.

Integration into pm landscape - PLANTA Hybrid




Export to Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint

Export to Microsoft Excel

You can choose between different export types. Standard export,  bulk export and advanced export via macro, using an Excel template. The export parameters can be configured.

Excel export from PLANTA Project

Data and reports can be exported from the PLANTA software in the form of transparent and appealing PowerPoint presentations.

This provides the possibility to e.g. display the status of a project including all its information and comments of the project mananger regarding the project state
(time, budget, quality) clearly arranged in PowerPoint.

Export to Microsoft PowerPoint

PLANTA Project Export to PowerPoint Export to PowerPoint from PLANTA Project


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