PLANTA Project is an easy to use high-performance, database-oriented, multi-project management system which allows quick and simple planning of projects. If PLANTA Project is used in an environment where MS Project is used as well, for example by sub-contractors, suppliers or other departments, the two systems can be integrated with the help of the optional PLANTA MSP Link component.

It is not uncommon to use MS Project to generate schedules for individual projects. With MSP Link, the individual schedules, that would otherwise not be linked together, can be combined in the professional multi-project management system PLANTA Project in order to create integrated schedule tracking together with cross-project resource management and budgeting as well as unified project reporting analyses. MSP Link does not only import but also export projects giving complete flexibility in every project situation.

Your Benefits

  • Allows the on-going use of existing project management software and the integration of MS Project in a multi-project environment
  • Allows project managers to continue to use a tool with which they are familiar
  • Enables organization-wide planning of dates, resources, and costs even if different project management systems are in use
  • Enables the easy consolidation of project information across different platforms and allows simple “press of a button” status reporting

Integration Information

PLANTA Project and MS Project are based on slightly different project management philosophies. Therefore, certain restrictions must be observed when both systems are being used at the same time. The most important differences are:

  • Duration: MS Project permits durations of less than 1 day. This is the smallest unit in PLANTA Project, which means that when project plans are exchanged between both systems, shorter durations will be set to 0.
  • The structuring of tasks in a project into phases and sub-phases: MS Project only allows a maximum of 12 levels, in PLANTA Project there is no restriction.
  • Tasks of different projects can be connected using external links.
  • PLANTA Project allows multiple links between tasks, MS Project does not.
  • PLANTA Project also allows maximum conditions for links.

Data exchange via PLANTA MSP Link is done by means of an XML file which can be created in both systems. When re-importing a project to PLANTA Project, a version comparison is done. This enables you to check-out/check-in project plans.