Enterprise Project Management

Enterprise Project Management

Within Enterprise Project Management, PLANTA offers solutions that support your company from the strategic alignment of project management right through to day-to-day project business, and therefore lay the foundations for successful planning and execution of your projects.

Strategic Project Management

PLANTA Portfolio helps you to identify risks and opportunities and select the “right” projects that are best in line with your company’s objectives.

Management ist supported in its strategic tasks – from the mapping of enterprise and area objectives through ideas management, the identification and prioritization of the right projects for the company, to rough planning of the required resources and scheduling of the project based on its priority.

Operative Project Management

PLANTA Project offers real multi-project management with cross-project coordination of dates, resources and costs to execute the selected projects efficiently. The transparent representation of resource utilization across all the company’s projects with the display of free capacities enables deviations to be identified at an early stage and corrective measures to be implemented in good time.

Enterprise Project Management with PLANTA Project and PLANTA Portfolio

Integrated Time Tracking Module (Entering of Hours Worked)

The software allows reported hours to be tracked and a forecast of remaining hours to be made.
All the components of our project management software are integrated in a standardized software environment and database and can be accessed when required in every other subsystem.
As a result, there is no need for interfaces between different software systems, and data does not have to be entered and maintained multiple times. The components can also be used effectively on a stand-alone basis.