PLANTA Release with Numerous Novelties

PLANTA Release with Numerous Novelties


The new version 39.5.11 of the PLANTA Project database component comes with numerous novelties and extensions in the areas of Portfolio, Program, Project Management and Customizing, as well as considerable performance improvements in connection with scheduling optimization. Minor changes and extensions have been implemented in the new C 39.5.24 and S 39.5.26 versions. Another focus in this release is the PLANTA hybrid and the connection of PLANTA Project to PLANTA pulse.

PLANTA Project (Excerpt)

SAP WBS elements have been extended by account assignment elements for budget tracking optimization. According to the SAP settings on the customer side, the account assignment elements can be set variably.
Details: In the SAP WBS module, tasks are assigned to SAP WBS elements. The costs on the account assignment elements come from the resource assignments which have the same cost type.

  • Subprojects can be moved via mouse click.

  • The threshold values for the cost and effort traffic lights can only be set separately.
  • The process models have been extended: both process actions for assigning the stakeholder and for opening the evaluations (risk value and objective contributions) have been optimized.
  • Extensions have also been made to the PPT export.
  • Some new features have been implemented in program management, a.o. project/program delays can now be visualized by bars in the multi-program board.
  • The administration of resource availabilities and vacation, e.g. when updating periods, has been facilitated.
  • The scheduling performance has been substantially improved, especially of the cost and budget calculation.

PLANTA Portfolio (Excerpt)

  • Dates for quality gates and todo items can now be calculated dynamically.
  • Project codes have been renamed.
  • The operation of automatic status reports have been improved.
  • There are extensions in the road map export (a.o. you can group and export dynamically).

PLANTA Link (Excerpt)

  • A new model for the administration of mapping functions enables you to define own functions which are displayed in the proposal listbox.
  • New BAPI modules for SAP linkage have been implemented.
  • The SAP interface has been adjusted to account assignment elements: the transfer of costs/effort is done via account assignment element level.
  • PLANTA Link has been developed with respect to its linkage to PLANTA pulse so that you can now easily export arbitrary data from PLANTA Project to PLANTA pulse.
  • The performance has been substantially improved.

PLANTA Customizer (Excerpt)

  • The Object Use module and the module search have been improved: e.g. search on process rules, extended module search.
  • Columns from the database can automatically be created as DIs in the Data Dictionary at the click of a button.
  • In the Modules module, the data area position can automatically be set via button again.


Other important points in this release are PLANTA hybrid and the connection of PLANTA Project to PLANTA pulse. For this purpose, PLANTA Link has been developed further so that arbitrary data can now easily be exported to PLANTA pulse. A “hybrid” planning model, in which projects and tasks can be transferred to PLANTA pulse and work reporting can be transferred back from PLANTA pulse to PLANTA Project, has been implemented in the standard.
The functionality of PLANTA pulse has continuously been extended. The latest extensions concern the structuring of boards and projects as well as the user individual design of data fields, views, and dashboards. The following features are new:


Administration Panel
Users with admin rights can control the data of all boards of the system via an API interface and maintain user lists, board groupings, etc.

Swim Lanes
In comparison to the pure list view, swim lanes which can be displayed/hidden enable you to align cards horizontally in the board as well.


“My Tasks”

Each user can have his/her task displayed in three different views:

  • Overview: all own tasks (cards) are grouped by boards.
  • Pin board: shows all still active own cards, which can be highlighted in the right area by a self-placed criterion, e.g. “Due in the near future”.
  • Dashboard: here, own queries can be created for the display of your own tasks, templates are available, a.o. for “My tasks due within the next 7 days”, “Completed tasks”, etc.


Custom Fields

Each user can define fields for his/her own board on the basis of the text, number, checkbox, date, listbox and link field types. They facilitate the systematic creation of cards, e.g. for recurring fields like times or log-in links on event cards.




Via “?”, the list of key combinations for quick editing can be opened.

Version C 39.5.24 (Excerpt)

This version comes with remarkable CPU and performance imrpovements, especially when starting the Client, in modules with many (< 46,000) records as well as in modules with and without tree structure.
The mark down editor has been optimized, a.o. with regard to the structuring of texts.

Version S 39.5.26 (Excerpt)

The display of all graphical objects on the schedule scale have been optimized.

The presented releases also contain various bug fixes. The current versions of PLANTA as well as the complete release notes can be downloaded by our customers from the PLANTA transfer server in the customer area.