PLANTA pulse – Software review

PLANTA pulse – Software review

An independent project management consultant Dr. Mey Mark Meyer, author of the “Software for Project Management” a GPM market survey, has reviewed the latest addition to the PLANTA family of PM-Tools, PLANTA pulse. PLANTA pulse is a browser based tool designed to specifically facilitate team collaboration in all areas. The particular strength of PLANTA pulse is the interface with PLANTA Project allowing a seamless connection between classical and agile methods of project management.

PLANTA pulse Swimlanes Backlog


Some insights of the software review are:

  • “The software also convinces when it comes to combining agilely coordinated projects, subprojects, and work packages with the scheduling in overall projects, and summarizing them for multi-project evaluation.”
  • “PLANTA pulse is designed optically attractive, clearly structured and can therefore be controlled intuitively.”
  • “PLANTA pulse gives the user a lot of freedom. It is, e.g., possible to implement one’s own todo item management approaches besides Scrum or Kanban.”

To find the whole article please follow the link here.

PLANTA would like to thank Dr. Mark Meyer for his feedback. We are already working on many of the ideas he suggested to add further functionality to PLANTA pulse

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