PLANTA Project Client in a Fresh, New Look

PLANTA Project Client in a Fresh, New Look

The new Client version C 39.5.20 of PLANTA Project provides a better usability due to a fresher look, helpful enhancements as well as bugfixes. 

The new release comes up with the following improvements and enhancements (excerpt):

Improved User Interface Layout

  • New font
  • Widened the spacing between records
  • New Blank effect type
  • New listbox control button
  • New CalendarControl listbox icon
  • New module variant combobox



PLANTA Project Client C 39.5.20 - Listbox     PLANTA Project Client C 39.5.20 - Date



Drag&Drop Function

  • Drag&Drop Copy field from field is only executed by the Client so that it is possible to use the Undo function on the menu item of the same name after copying data by Drag&Drop from field to field.
  • New Drag&Drop cursor design

Editor in CLOB Fields

  • Activated spell checking for CLOB fields with activated Markdown editor

The current versions of PLANTA can be downloaded by our customers in the customer area.