Release Information PLANTA Project

Release Information PLANTA Project

Information Information

  • From the 39.5.0 release versions, PLANTA updates the individual Client, Server and Database software components independently of each other. Customers can therefore also update these components separately and independently.
  • The current releases can be downloaded from our customer area.

PLANTA Project Release Database 39.5.9

From a SAP ERP project system, PSP elements can be imported to PLANTA Project via PLANTA Link. For an efficient project cost controlling, it has so far been possible to exchange costs and hours worked with SAP ERP. From now on, you can exchange data using both SAP ERP CO and SAP ERP PS via PLANTA Link.

This feature as well as further enhancements, usability optimizations and bug fixes come with the latest version DB 39.5.9 of the database component of PLANTA Project.

New: SAP-PSP Elements

The interface to SAP PS provides the data exchange of project information based on SAP PSP elements. The SAP work breakdown structure can be imported to PLANTA Project and schedule tasks can be assigned to the PSP elements. Manually, further SAP PSP elements can be created. The comparison of budgets and costs from SAP and efforts from PLANTA Project is now possible (see the graphic).
Details of data exchange between PLANTA Project and SAP PS respective SAP CO

Data exchange with SAP ERP (PS)
Data exchange with SAP ERP (PS)

Procedure of data exchange between SAP ERP PS and PLANTA project via PLANTA Link

Moreover, the focus in this release was put on the following (excerpt):


  • To evaluate and analyze project and program opportunities, opportunity matrix diagrams were implemented in all the relevant modules analogously to the risk matrix diagrams.
  • In the Progress module, a new module variant (Costs) was implemented. Here, costs are displayed on the tasks. On resource assignment level, only cost and revenue resources are displayed.
  • In the Schedule module, a button for generating the PSP code was implemented.
  • PLANTA Request was enhanced in the Stakeholder area.
  • In the program management, the Program Core Data was enhanced.
  • In PLANTA Portfolio, the creation of portfolio status reports was further developed.
  • In PLANTA Link, configurations and definitions were enhanced.


  • The user menu was structured more user-friendly: planning and analysis modules are now positioned clearly and more separately from each other. Furthermore, depending on their function, they are summarized in the Planning and Reports work areas.
  • Stakeholders can now report hours worked for employees without switching to their employee board.
  • New tooltips were implemented in order to display the time gaps between the main milestones.
  • The print areas were improved.

PLANTA Project Release Server Version 39.5.21

The latest version S 39.5.21 of the server component of PLANTA Project is now available and provides you with helpful features, optimizations and bug fixes.

Main points for further development in this release (excerpt) were:

  • Optimization of the stack trace recording for diagnosing program crashes
  • Performance improvements upon server start due to improved data dictionary creation in case of changes
  • Improvements in the update and installation procedure
  • Implementation of a new dialog message output type in connection with customizing changes
  • Implementation of the possibility to execute actions on bar helper fields
  • Bug Fixes

PLANTA Project Release Client Version 39.5.18

The latest version of the PLANTA Project client component is available now providing useful enhancements, usability improvements and bugfixes.

Primarly, further developments were made in the following areas (extract):

  • Improvement of visual look, e.g. new layout of the Client user interface
  • Implementation of new tooltips
  • Implementation of the possibility to load the module customizing via an XML file
  • Support of all types of hyperlinks (e.g. Skype)
  • Possibility to change the height and width of dialog modules (even using the mouse)
  • Bugfixes

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The current versions of PLANTA can be downloaded by our customers from the PLANTA transfer server in the customer area.


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