New PLANTA Portfolio: Major Features in a Sleek Design

New PLANTA Portfolio: Major Features in a Sleek Design

PLANTA Portfolio has been completely overhauled: the new design and numerous features all about the sleek and clear multi-portfolio board will simplify the planning and controlling process of project portfolios and portfolio simulations as well as the creation of roadmaps and portfolio status reports.

The latest PLANTA Project database version DB 39.5.10 also provides a large number of enhancements and optimizations in the areas of both program and project management as well as customizing. Smaller changes and improvements come with the new Client version C 39.5.21 that is delivered alongside DB 39.5.10.

PLANTA Portfolio (Excerpt)

New modules have been implemented and existing ones have been redesigned. The workflow of a portfolio has been adapted to the one of a project. Charts have been moved to the Info Board and the performance has been improved. The functionality has considerably been extended.

  • Implemented a new simulation in the portfolio:
    • New simulations can be created, edited and defined as a roadmap.
    • The utilization of one or more departments of which resources are planned in the planning objects of a portfolio can be displayed.
    • By a push of a button, a simulation or roadmap can be exported to a previously created PowerPoint template.

Simulation PLANTA Portfolio


  • Quality gates (a portfolio manager’s mile stone) will offer the opportunity to make the project process phase more transparent due to scheduled section control. The portfolio manager can define quality gates and assign them to planning objects. By means of the data created by the project manager, the portfolio manager will be able to monitor the current status of the objective achievement of the predefined quality gates.

Quality Gates in Portfolio 

Quality Gates PLANTA Portfolio

Quality Gates in Project


  • Improved the process of creating portfolio status reports.
  • Updated the Dashboard so that critical planning objects are displayed and watchlists can be created and edited.
  • Made the budget, cost and effort planning more clearly.
  • Implemented numerous diagrams for visualizing the portfolio development in different areas.

Further focal points of this release:

Web Services

Within the PLANTA Link component, a web service interface is now available.

  • The web service interface provides access to the PLANTA Server.
  • On the one hand, thus, data can be transmitted to different external systems in a coherent way.
  • On the other hand, administrative tasks and monitoring mechanisms can also be implemented simplifying the integration of the PLANTA Server in the existing IT landscape.

PLANTA Project (Excerpt)

  • Updated the Budget module layout.
  • The project status can directly be exported to PowerPoint, hence, all the project information including the project manager’s comments concerning the project status (time, budget, quality) can be copied clearly in a previously created PowerPoint template.


  • Added the new Quality Gate module variant in the Schedule module.
  • Implemented the allocating effort procedure in the Resource Plan module.
  • When copying a schedule into a new project, also the notes from the schedule template will be copied.
  • When trying to remove already planned resources from the planning, the user will timely be displayed a message also informing about the projects and tasks for which the resource is already planned.
  • In the Critical Projects module, implemented the option to send messages only to project managers of certain projects.
  • Improved the process for the collective creation of status reports.
  • In the Further module, the modules to be loaded can be configured individually.
  • Performance improvements, e.g. when deleting a project.


  • Bugfixes

Version C 39.5.21

  • Added new parameters, amongst others for the handling of OLEs and Drag&Drop copy.
  • Updated the IronPython API.

The current versions of PLANTA as well as the complete release notes can be downloaded by our customers from the PLANTA transfer server in the customer area.