New PLANTA Add-On: PLANTA Secure

New PLANTA Add-On: PLANTA Secure

Data security is an up-to-date topic. Companies of all sizes are challenged to protect their own as well as their customers’ data against digital attacks.

PLANTA has always provided a high level of security for customer data with its on-premise solution of PLANTA Project. The new PLANTA Secure add-on now provides customers with additional security standards by means of very high data protection requirements. 

PLANTA Secure illustrates the current security standard, which is recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security: the two-factor authentication (2FA).

Another security element implemented by PLANTA is a reverse proxy connection providing a secure connection and access protection for internal and external requests. Due to single sign-on, the user only needs to login once in order to use the service of several servers.




The new add-on does not only provide a maximum level of data security but also user comfort and a complete protection of the PLANTA environment in the internal network. PLANTA Secure can be integrated into existing security concepts.

For more information on the two-factor authentication and the reverse proxy connection of PLANTA Secure, please see here.