Much More Flexibility for Resource Planning with PLANTA Project

Much More Flexibility for Resource Planning with PLANTA Project

The new Server version 39.5.22 of PLANTA Project offers a considerably extended functionality in the area of resource planning due to five new load profiles. S 39.5.22 comes packed also with the new web service configuration directly via the installer as well as with bugfixes. 

Resource Planning

To give suitable planning support according to the customer’s individual use case, a dozen of options of how to allocate resource effort both manually and automatically for selected periods has already been existing in PLANTA Project so far.
As a result of intensive customer talks, five additional load profiles have been integrated considerably extending the manual planning possibilities and providing maximum flexibility but also input support.

The five new load profiles are called as follows:

  • PM_DAY

The project and resource manager can agree with each other on different plan values for a resource per period, if required with interruptions. The plan values entered in the schedule will not be overwritten after scheduling and the project mananger can manually decide how to allocate the remaining effort.


Previous MONTH Compared to PM_MONTH Load Profile

The MONTH and PM_MONTH load profiles are applied by the project manager to speed up long-term evaluations by reducing the number of load records. Per month, one load record is created (for CAP, one load record is created each day).
The new PM_MONTH load profile allows, unlike MONTH, the manual effort allocation as well as the interrupted resource planning for a period without the need to create a new task (see figures).


New PM_MONTH vs. previous MONTH

Resource planning PLANTA Project PM Month load profile



Resource planning CAP and Month load profile


Resource planning New PM_MONTH vs. previous MONTH


The corresponding utilization diagrams:


Utilization diagram MONTH – PLANTA Project



Utilization diagram PM_MONTH – PLANTA Project S 39.5.22


Web Services

The configuration of web services can now directly be run via the installer.


The current versions of PLANTA can be downloaded by our customers in the customer area.